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                Welcome To Anhui ZhongkeKezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.  Website: www.rttxx.com
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                Anhui Zhongkekezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. relies on advanced research and development platform of Hefei institutes of Physical Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences and applies high automation equipment, informatization, networking and production technical bottlenecks on industrial and mining enterprises to solve labor costs, environmental protection, energy conservation, and efficiency. With open and flexible senior talents and part-time mechanisms,the company gathers together a group of high-level leaders in enterprise application and high-quality young research leaders, and also attracts a group of well-known leaders working at large foreign enterprises to participation. At present, the company has a total of nearly 40 key technical personnel, including 2 consultants, 5 PhDs, 10 senior engineers, 19 senior technicians,hiring 3 directors of the institute as general manager consultants.

                Wang rongchua Director、Kong lingcheng Secretary、Ye xiaodong Deputy director

                Xu Linsen, Feng Baolin, Zhao Jianghai, Yang Hui, Zhou Ping, Zhao Jianghai, Wu Jinghua, Zhang Zhihua

                Wang Haiyuan, Zhang Ming, Zhu Bing, Lv Changgen, Liu Jinliang, Zhao Yong, Zhang Liang