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                Welcome To Anhui ZhongkeKezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.  Website: www.rttxx.com
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                Our company's engineering equipment is widely used in the glass industry: glass pipe, glass bottle, high temperature glass, and flat glass. It is mainly used for automatic feeding, batching system, mixing, conveying, and system process control. Enables automated production and operation in the glass manufacturing industry.
                Automatic feeding, anti-feeding error function, missing material alarm function, high efficiency;
                Supporting dust removal equipment on-site environment (no dust)
                The use of dedicated feeding device, high accuracy (precision) of small ingredients added separately from the main material independent measurement;
                The use of special forced mixing equipment, mixing evenly, without metal friction;
                Configure the anti-feed error barcode scan recognition function.
                Configure batch print, historical data storage, print report functions.
                Preset formula, one-key recall, easy to operate.