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                Welcome To Anhui ZhongkeKezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.  Website: www.rttxx.com
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                Item Number
                project site
                Declaration project name
                Project Unit
                Project application method
                Filing time
                Centralized units
                 Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province
                Provincial Science and Technology Major Special Funds
                Inorganic non-metal new material automation, information production equipment system engineering project
                Shanxi XX New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
                 The joint declaration of the institute (institution)and enterprise  
                 10 million  
                Provincial Economic and Information Commission
                Baiyin City, Gansu Province
                Use 100,000 tons of calcium carbide slag  new polymer to make a wall plastering material production line   
                Gansu XXX Building Materials Co., Ltd
                The joint declaration of the Hefei institutes of Physical Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences、Zhongkekezheng company and
                local enterprise
                 12 million
                Technology Department ,Provincial Economic and Information Commission