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                Granular small packaging machine
                1.PLC control system, Chinese touch-screen operation, it just need to input weight parameters,then the system can automatically calculate the date, and also can automatically correct the error date.
                2.Metrology directly and packaging accurately.
                3.PLC control and anti-interference strongly.
                Double-scale measurement, high efficiency.
                5.Stainless steel material.
                6.Artificial putting bag, photoelectric response, automatic measurement
                Quantitative packaging and measuring of granular and powdery materials, such as pesticide, fertilizer, animal feed, gunk materials, additive materials, washing powder, salt, gourmet powder,chicken essence, sugar, seed, rice and so on.
                3. Technical parameters:
                Speed:1200-1800 bags / hours
                Accuracy: ±0.3%
                Packaging Weight:5-6000g
                Voltage:AC220V 50HZ
                Machine weight: 120kg
                Machine size: 710(l) x 840(w) x 1800mm(h)