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                Welcome To?Anhui ZhongkeKezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. ?Website:?www.rttxx.com
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                Powder small packaging machine
                Catering,food,medicine,chemical and others
                1.304 stainless steel material completely meets the requirements of food and medicine.
                2. Maintenance-free and noise-free gear motor.
                3.High speed, noiseless servo motor.
                4. Synchronous mixing mechanism to avoid leakage phenomenon.
                5. Clear silo, the materials running status is clear at a glance.
                6. Open the silo: ① servo motor can be cleaned at any time and complete within two minutes. ②The position of the mixing mechanism can be easily adjusted to achieve the best dispensing accuracy. ③It is convenient to maintain and repair the mixing mechanism, measuring structure, and long shaft.
                7. The high-precision processing means makes the motor, the long shaft, the silo, the  measuring structure, etc. with the high degree of concentric features: ① improve  efficiency. ②reduce the wear of the measuring structure. ③it greatly reduces the breakdown of the measuring structure caused by moving, cleaning, and long-time operation of the machine.
                8. The measuring material cup and the silo connected with Tri-Clamp, which makes it easier to operate.
                三、Technical parameters:
                purpose washing powder, milk powder, bean powder, tea, granule and powder.
                working principle normal
                power 0.8 kw
                accuracy 1 %
                weighing range 10-5000 ml
                number 1
                unit 1
                packaging speed 10-5000 can/min
                purpose Juice drinks, carbonated drinks, hair care products, skin care products, cosmetics, cleaning, cleaning products
                bottles any mm
                scale any  mm
                After-sale One year warranty and lifetime maintenance!
                size 1800*780*2100mm
                materials granular and powdery materials
                automation Semi-automation
                type bottle,cup,bag
                brand zhongkekezheng
                model ZKKZ-XF
                prouduction washing powder, milk powder, bean powder, tea, granule and powder.
                Voltage Normal date
                power 0.8 kw
                accuracy 1 %
                weighing range 10-5000 ml