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                Ton bag packaging machine
                WTBJ-D1000 series of ton-bag packaging machines are widely used in grain, seed, feed, chemical, building materials and other industries of automatic quantitative packaging. The device has the advantages of compact structure, convenient installation, high precision, wide weighing range, high speed packaging, simple operation and convenient maintenance. In addition to artificial bag-giving(bagging), the entire work process is automatically completed.
                二、Technical parameters:
                Production type Weighing range(Kg) accuracy  speed Voltage and power Application materials
                200 - 1000
                < 0.2  
                5 - 7.5
                 powdery, granular materials
                WTBJ-D1000K-BL < 0.2 powdery
                WTBJ-D1000K-BP < 0.2 block,large granular,mixed materials
                WTBJ-D2000K-BT 500 - 2000 < 0.2 >15bags/h  made-to-order ton-bag and other special materials
                1. Pneumatic lifting bag measuring weighing, automatic decoupling function;
                2. It is suitable for automatic compressed function in the bagging measurement process for lighter weight materials;
                3. Use different multi-level feeding methods for different materials to ensure measurement accuracy and speed requirements;
                4. The use of pneumatic components automatically lifting and unhooking, the structure is simple, durable, low failure rate;
                5. Can preset a variety of measurement parameters, for different packaging weight selection and retrieval;
                6. Chinese show screen and parameter settings, convenient operation and parameter settings;
                7. With bag number recording and printing functions, remote control and data transmission can be realized.


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